Can you Sell Your Facebook Page?

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A question many are asking in 2017 is can you sell your Facebook page?    People usually ask this question after they notice the organic reach on their Facebook page is dropping.  Facebook continually releases new algorithms and has been recently been caught testing a new feature on Facebook where page posts do not show up in feeds unless you pay to play¹.


Selling Your Facebook Page Facts

Is it Legal?

Yes and No!   Facebook probably doesn’t want you doing it, but fortunately for us, Facebook doesn’t make the law.  Nobody is going to arrest you, and you’re not going to get in any legal trouble if you sell your Facebook page.

Facebook isn’t very upfront about their thoughts on the topic either.  The only hint we have of what they think comes from the Facebook help team.  In response to the question a member says:

It’s against Facebook policy to sell your Facebook Page for any monetary gain. To learn more about our Page policies, please read Facebook’s Terms of Service. Rick Sanchez Facebook Help Team

Where can I sell my Facebook Page?

This is another very good question, where should you sell your Facebook page? There are several choices out there, like Viral Accounts, Fame Swap, Swapd, Flip Mass, and more. None of these services are very secure, unless you consider it secure transferring your Facebook page to a person/company overseas in hopes that they actually pay you for it.

If you like to keep your page transaction safe and in the United States or Europe then you should consider They are simply the safest and securest way to sell your Facebook page online. Their website is at They use an escrow service that protects both the buyer and seller, you can sell your page confidently knowing that you will get paid for your asset.

Sell Your Facebook Page Today! is our #1 choice for websites that will buy your Facebook page for you. They provide Escrow services that protect the seller and are very pleasant and professional to deal with.

Will I get banned?

This also depends on how you sell your page, and who you sell it to. Some of the big players in the industry have had problems, several Viral account members were recently complaining about pages being deleted without warning. Larger operations like these are far easier for Facebook to track.

It’s always best to deal with the sale in private, and not in public. Some users post “page for sale” right on their Facebook page, this is a great way to get you page deleted.

“Facebook has been known to ban accounts after changes in ownership. Viral Accounts posted a blog post calming their audience and explaining to them that the purges are actually the result of TOS violations, like posting nudity, hateful content, obscene language, and spam. What they conveniently fail to mention is that selling a Facebook page is also against the terms of service and is an equally ban-worthy violation.” –

How much will I get?

That’s a tough question. Facebook pages used to be worth 10’s of thousands of dollars, however, Facebook keeps rolling out more updates that further limit the usefulness of a Facebook page. In 2017 Organic reach is around 1% on average for pages that have a significant number of followers. You have to pay if you want to reach more of your audience. For this reason the value of a Facebook page has significantly declined to the point that they are usually only worth a couple hundred dollars.


Should I sell my Facebook page?

If you’re concerned about getting something for your hard efforts, and you’re worried about your assets completely losing their value, then it’s probably best to sell your Facebook page. You can at least get something out of them.

If you’re making decent money with the pages you have now and have not been penalized at all, then you can keep pushing forward. However, keep in mind that some Facebook algorithm changes made in the past have instantly banned pages. Some haven’t committed a single infraction, however due to a glitch is misfiring of Facebook’s algorithm, the page is forever lost and cannot be recovered.

A banned page is worth nothing!

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