How ratings works?

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Maybe these days you have realized that when you are looking at some domain description it appears an star rating in the title bar.
This rating system works as follows :

  • If you are not logged in, you just can see the current rating
  • If you are logged, you can rate the domain as you please. (From 0 if it’s very bad or 100 if you consider it a very good domain)

The need to be logged in order to give your rating to a certain domain is due to the fact that your rating can be modified. One user can rate ONLY ONCE a domain, if you change the rating value it means that you have changed your mind about the domain (if the domain is not working you can give a bad rating and if in a few days it works and you like it, you can change your rating as the domain or its content changes).

Well, I’ve just rated my domain with a 100 and it shows 52% instead of 100%, is it a bug?
NO, it is not a bug. The global rating is calculated counting on the number of votes the domain has. This is because if you had hundreds of ratings giving you a 100 and only one giving you a 90 the mean would be less than 100, and if a new domain, just rated once, is rated with 100 it would have a better rating than your domain.
As much ratings you have, your global rating will become more exact.

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