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What makes HBK WordPress Hosting Unique?

  • HBK Hosting is up to 370% faster for WordPress.
  • Only 20 Accounts per IP vs 1000+ Per Ip with Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Optimized Hosting: The server environment is optimized exclusively for WordPress!
  • Cloud Linux Enabled: You will always get your guaranteed server resources!
  • Memcached Caching Enabled: Turbo charge WordPress with memory based caching!
  • 10GB/S DDOS Protection: Basic protection against DDOS attacks!
  • Cpanel Control Panel: The industries most popular hosting control panel software!

What you’ll notice with HBK Hosting!

  • A Faster WordPress Website

    You will instantly notice that your WordPress site loads faster.   HBK Hostings WordPress optimize configuration runs WordPress at it’s optimal level.  Your website will respond quicker and load faster.

  • Possible Improvements in SEO

    There are two factors that can significantly improve your seo.  A faster website and less accounts per ip.  Search engines take speed into consideration when determining your search engine rankings.  It is also believed that they look at the amount of sites hosted on the same ip address.

  • A More Reliable Website

    Several factors influence this.   For one, HBK Hosting limits the amount of accounts on each server.   This means there are less accounts competing for resources.   Typical Shared hosts host over 1000 accounts per IP, HBK Hosting hosts 20 accounts per ip.  HBK Hosting also uses Cloud Linux.  This guarantees that your website will always receive it’s dedicated resources.   The result is a increased reliability.   Experience less downtime and less slowdowns.

WordPress Websites Love HBK Hosting!

WordPress Websites Love HBK Hosting

Your website will be faster, more reliable, and more secure with HBK WordPress Hosting

Enjoy a faster, more reliable WordPress website with HBK WordPress Hosting.   Their WordPress optimized configuration will run your WordPress website at optimal performance levels.

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