2008: The Beginning
Then comes the beta

March 7th 2008: Multi-language support added

In order to reach a broader range of users, SocialDNS releases an internationalized version of the main node.

This feature is implemented using GNU gettext (i18n), and gives support for English (native), Spanish and Catalan. Languages are automatically selected depending on your browser’s configuration.

March 10th 2008: Wiki and Forum

There is a wiki and a forum available for SocialDNS users.

The wiki explains what is SocialDNS and contains some documentation about. The forum is intended to offer to the communiy a place to dicuss about the developement of SocialDNS, make suggestions and resolve the frequent asked questions.

April 21st 2008: SocialDNS web interface updated

In order to improve the user experience, SocialDNS has changed its view and added new services, such as the RSS channel or the domains cloud. SocialDNS team is developing many other features that will be released soon.

April 22nd 2008: Improved map interface

The global map is a powerful tool that allows the SocialDNS users to see the geographic situation of a domain or a user. Today this feature has been improved in order to show more information about the geographic markers displayed. Now the information is accessible directly in the map for a better and faster user experience.

April 24th 2008: Password recovery system

Have you lost your password? No problem! Now you can reset it, and the system will send you a new one to your e-mail account. It is very important to have your e-mail address typed correctly, because it is where the system will send you the new password.

April 24th 2008: Translations updated

As you can note, this site is multilanguage. Today Spanish and Catalan translations have been updated. Of course these translations can have typos on them. SocialDNS team will be very thankful if users could report typos or mistakes in translations. To do this you can write a message in the forum or contacting an administrator.

April 29th 2008: Node source code relased in SourceForge

Today SocialDNS team is proud to announce the first release of the SocialDNS node. The node is the basic component to manage domains and their subdomains. An example of SocialDNS node is this website. From now every one can self manage the domains created and can create new custom subdomains. Of course this release may contain several bugs that will be fixed in future versions.

May 5th 2008: New bugfixed release

It has been released a bugfixed revision of the SocialDNS node. Installation manual has been added too.

July 4th 2008: New features added!!

The growing community of SocialDNS now can enjoy with the new location searcher. Just go to the map and select the location that you are interested in and see the domains and users registered near the selected point!

New release out today!

New version, new manual, new features!
Today a new version of the SocialDNS node has been released, it comes with a revised manual explaining in deep how to configure your own SocialDNS node, and many new features such as:

  • Geographic search
  • Channels for your domains
  • The “module_rewrite” is not needed anymore
  • Several bugfixing

August 12th 2008: Another SocialDNS release!

As you have noticed, these days SocialDNS has been experimenting few changes and improvements. Now the user session still remains even closing the navigator and you can rate domains as well as many other little performance features and bugfixing. All these changes have been uploaded in the new version of socialdns (1.0.3) that you can find in the SocialDNS project in SourceForge.
2010: Final Update

April 21st 2010: New plugin version for Firefox

People using a Firefox version greater than 3.0.* must have been experiencing problems resolving their domains. Today SocialDNS provides a new version of the plugin that supports all the range of Firefox versions 3.*.* (this includes 3.5.* and 3.6.*), thanks to L1nuxer.
2014: Last known operation
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